Search your Sri Lankan tourist Driver or Guide, by the Categories above and fine tune your search by their Specialisations (tags), such as languages spoken, years of experience or personal interests in guiding. There are many different types of Guides and Drivers in Sri Lanka. From Site Guides, specialised in Archaeological sites, to National Tour Guides who speak different languages and handle large groups, to Chauffeur/Guides who do some guiding and driving at the same time as well as Tourist Drivers and Facilitators.

Are you a little confused? Do not worry. We have a special section that better explains this.

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Pick the available Sri Lankan guide/driver by checking the calendar or contacting us. We will confirm his availability for the dates requested through email or our Contact Form . You will be requested a 20% deposit payment to block those dates and confirm his services. We will give you the driver or guides contact email and telephone number(s) to deal directly or if you want help you to communicate through us for further planning and trip arrangements, then the Balance payment will be settled on arrival, directly with your Guide/Driver. 

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You have 3 choices to contact your Tour Guides:

  1. You can click Contact to send messages or questions to tourist driver or tour guide.
  2. Send in your itinerary Plan or a just simple airport transfer Plan to the driver or Guide.
  3. Advise the destinations to be picked and dropped and the flight information and times.

Once the tourist driver or Guide sends a quote, you can book Book and confirm the experiences. Now, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy a Driver or Guiding experience in Sri Lanka!

Once your Travel is finished, do not forget to REVIEW YOUR SRI LANKAN GUIDE OR DRIVER! It will be a precious help for him but also for other travellers who want to have some travellers feedback.

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