Our website https://srilankadriverguides.com/ has been founded to assist Local drivers and Tour Guides in Sri Lanka, to have better visibility and a fair price on their services.


This is a user-friendly travel platform, where drivers can list for free their services and be contacted directly by travellers. They can also receive reviews and be specially featured. The more reviews they receive the more visibility they receive through the website. Rates agreements, payments, vehicle arrangements and all operations are responsibility of the driver/guide and the travellers.


This website does not provide services of a local tour operator that selects drivers, arranges and book hotels: for this you can try leading instant accommodation booking sites or book a full tour in Sri Lanka through our Tour operating agent. The website is also not a travel agent, a taxi, Cab or Rent a car service provider in Sri Lanka. Therefore, we do not take responsibility on the services provided by the drivers, chauffeur-guides and Tour Guides in Sri Lanka. Please read more information about this on our Terms of Service.

Sometimes, we might be able to help you find a good match (whenever the driver is not able to answer) but you need provide the full itinerary and hotels arranged, as we cannot provide tailor made tours or itinerary suggestions.

We find you a tour Guide or tourists driver for your tours in Sri Lanka. You pick and GO travel your own way.car-1093927_1920

Srilankadriverguides.com is an ONLINE PLATFORM that connects tourists and travellers to find their ideal Driver or Tour Guide, or even a Site Guide, to help them to travel around Sri Lanka!

As the need for transport and guiding services are increasing in Sri Lanka due to large inflow of tourism, there seems to be a shortage of information on local guides and drivers to do tours in Sri Lanka. Tourists are finding it hard to find information about Guides and Drivers profiles, as well as some good recommendations, tips and reviews on one platform.

They have to struggle to find through various travel forums and travel advisory sites and then there is the issue of getting in touch with the driver to communicate and get a fast quote. As the travel industry in Sri Lanka is growing and giving more priority towards accommodation suppliers, it seems to find hard to get a place where travellers to Sri Lanka can find a local transport and guide arranging service supplier. Our website – by helping travellers to find the private tour guides or private tour packages – can be very helpful for the independent travellers, wherever they may be in Sri Lanka: from an Airport taxi service transfer to a hotel in Sri Lanka, to a round tour in Sri Lanka, you can find various service providing drivers and guides in Sri Lanka on this travel platform.

We have Guides and drivers who are not only listed on forum and reviews sites like TripAdvisor, but also who work freelance for other local inbound tour operators. The truth is, regardless of the top rated inbound tour operators in Sri Lanka to a budget small operator or driver, all of them rely heavily on Guides and drivers services. Just because a traveller’s cost is on luxury hotel-based tour, this does not mean that the driver or Guide is on the Top Notch level! We think it would be Good get to know your Guide or driver before you travel from other fellow travellers’ reviews and recommendations.

Travel is changing in around the world now, and if you are a smart traveller, then the choice is yours to keep your costs lower by choosing drivers and guides to tour in Sri Lanka.

Our content and structure is user-friendly and our web tools will allow you to search, match and pick your ideal taxi driver to a tour guide. Other than that, our website helps you see each Guide’s Profile and their trip preferences, favourite experiences and additional services they can provide. You can also narrow down your search by filtering their specialisations, such as years of experience, languages spoken and types of tours provided.

We hope that you will enjoy the direct guide and drivers experiences and share the word around to all fellow travellers by leaving a review of the driver/guide who had serviced you in Sri Lanka!


It is essential to serve customers with quality: Tour Guides and Drivers are aware of these little things as when you are welcomed at the airport goes a long way.

They know that in order to maintain such standards is important to have a good review system on a  travel guide website like ours, which relies heavily on costumers feedback’s and reviews.

We do carefully check these drivers and Guides background and Profile to best of our ability and allow only verified reviews of Travellers who have booked through this platform.


yoga-srilankaBooking directly with a Local tourist driver or Local guide, means that there are plenty of advantages.

You have high flexibility in terms of travels: if you are a strong independent traveller who does not mind improvising on the way, you don’t need to be stuck with a pre-arranged package and be driven to places you don’t want go or should you need feel the pressure that you have to stick to a strict time schedule and stay in one place.

You have your car and your own guide: you negotiate anything you want directly with the guide and get a good direct price, if both agreed and on a maximum daily mileage.

On top of this, the standard ways of travelling in Sri Lanka do not suit all travellers.

While pre-arranged tours can be a great solution for some travellers, other independent travellers need more freedom to decide on the spot. For example, if you don’t like a hotel you can ask the driver/Guide to take you to see couple of hotels in each city you stay and inspect them straight away on the spot and arrange a good fair payment with a last minute discount.

Of course, be aware that this may not always work, especially during High and Peak Season!


The reason Sri Lanka Driver Guides was set up is to be able to offer travellers a more direct approach to drivers and Guides in Sri Lanka and to help travellers and tourists to have better idea about the transports service suppliers’ profile.

The site is also useful for travellers and tourists who have booked tours in Sri Lanka through tour operators to have additional information about the guide and drivers they supply, as almost ALL Tourist Guides and Tourist drivers work on Freelance basis in Sri Lanka.

Booking with our website is easy: we take only a small 10% Fee, to which maintain this website with the growing number of guide portfolios and to call and check that your preferences are available.

    • Search & Find your Tour Guide or driver in Sri Lanka
      • Pick the available Guide or driver & check availability
    • Block, reserve and Enjoy!

 Serving our local Community

We want to help Local tour Guides and drivers to have better visibility about their services and about themselves.